About Us

The Lazy J is a local, ranch apparel store with two store fronts located in the Fort Worth Stockyards and Willow Park Texas. Lazy J exists to unleash unique work ethic and lifestyle originating from the practice of Texas ranching. We welcome all who want to experience our authentic ranch apparel, custom hat bending, and Hereford designs.


The Lazy J is traced back four generations ago, beginning with Tom Humphries. In the late 1800’s Tom Humphries, better known as TE, migrated from North Carolina to Graford, Texas in a covered wagon. TE began to work at the Texas Halsell Ranch as a ranch hand and quickly made his way to the ranch foreman. Here at the Halsell Ranch, TE was introduced to his favorite iron brand, a horizontal J. As TE became more successful, he began to purchase other ranches and brought the J brand wherever he went. The second generation of the Humphries family, Tom Humphries Junior, was born in 1915. TE passed away in the 1930’s, leaving Tom Humprhies Junior in charge of the family ranches. At the family ranches, the most popular livestock animal purchased and traded is the Hereford cow, with the J brand on the left loin. Working cattle on a horse, the J brand is easily noticeable. The third generation, Jim Humphries, was born in 1942 and continued the Texas ranching lifestyle. The Lazy J store owner and fourth generation of the Humphries, Brad Humphries, was born in 1967. Brad created a new concept of carrying his family legacy through strategically designing apparel, honoring his family’s signature ranching concepts. Check out our first store front in Willow Park that began in 2013, our second store front in the Stockyards that began in 2014, or our online store to view our Lazy J gear.